Tips and Considerations When Using a Free Web Hosting Service to Host Your Web Site

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There are many free hosting sites claim to provide hosting to your web site without charge. Usually they impose restrictions, either cost you in time, or change your free web pages layout by displaying banners, pop-ups, or other form of advertisement. When you look for free web hosting services from search engine, you should take note that there are also many commercial hosting companies that advertise to offer free hosting services. However, usually they come with a catch, such as spending an excessive amount to buy a domain name or other service. They are not really free actually. The free free hosting tips as stated below will show you how to find a good free web host and the things you need to consider when go for it.

How do the free web hosts make money?

The free web hosting companies often make money through other ways, such as putting pop-ups, banners or other advertisement on your free web pages. Some will ask you to click on banners during their sign-up process or in control panel, or just display banners in the file manager page in hopes you will click their Ads. Some attract visitors with free hosting services in hopes you will upgrade and spend for advanced features. Certain free web hosting providers will send you emails with ads attached, or may even sell your email. Another approach that is becoming popular is requiring you to write a certain amount of “quality” post on forum. In such a way this help them to create free content and therefore being able to show more ads.

Are free web hosts reliable?

Understanding is that generally they are less reliable, although there are still exceptions. If the free host is earning money from ads, banner or other sources of income directly from their free service, then more likely they will stay in business. This also bases on the assumption no one abuse their web hosting server by activities like hacking or spam, which could be likely to happens to new free host with more liberal policies of accepting users from anywhere. It is better to choose a very selective free host company which only accepts quality sites.

Who should use free web hosts?

Free hosting is not suitable for businesses unless you have domain hosting from an ad-free host. Other reasons for using free hosting websites can be to learn the basic skills of how to host your site, to build a personal website to show pictures to your friends and family, to build a linking page to another web site of yours, or to test new scripts on different web hosting environments.

How to find good free web hosting companies?

The best place to start with is a quality free web host directory – a web site which specializes in listing only free web hosting services. Good directories will add new information and remove outdated hosts every week but there are also directories which almost never update, resulting most of their links and data are outdated. The problem is free hosts change frequently, it is not rare that some just fold up in less than a year, making it difficult to keep the free host directory up-to-date. One recommended directory is “Free Web Hosting” which has a detailed list of over 600 free web hosting providers with ratings, user reviews, and a searchable database. The directory is updated frequently, and the advanced free web hosting search has over 40 options, helping you to find the free package with different features such as PHP, CGI, MySQL, SSI, ASP, FrontPage server extensions, and even a cpanel.

Other resources to find free web hosts include information from freebies sites, search engines, forums…etc. Some ISP will also come with free web hosting service.

Tips for finding the best free web hosting provider

One basic principle is not to choose a free hosting plan with more features than you need, and also do some research before to see if the company is receiving revenue from the free hosting service to maintain business. As mentioned previously, better try to join a more selective free host if possible. Check other sites hosted there to find out what type of ads are running, and the server speed. Read the Terms of Service and host features to make sure your site is given enough bandwidth, sufficient web space and file size limit, and any scripting options you might need. Refer to the free hosting directories for the reviews and ratings as commented by other users. If you do not have your own domain name, you will need a free URL forwarding service so you can change your host later when required.

Recommended free web host

It is not easy to recommend one as different people have different priorities and the web hosting quality may vary from time to time. Also some people want free hosting with your own purchased domain name, and others might not be planning to buy a unique domain.

Below are two popular free web hosts, and their main features.

1.GoDaddy – It is probably the biggest domain and web hosting providers in US. Registration of dot com domain name can be as low as $1.99 and the domain renewal fee is generally less than $10 a year. Once you register a domain name from GoDaddy you get 10GB of free web space. It also comes with a free site builder called Website Tonight that allow you to build a 5 page website, a blog or photo album online without skills of HTML.

2. 50Webs – It offers 60MB web storage, unlimited bandwidth and POP3 email. You can upload your site file via a file manger or FTP. No advertisement or pop-ups will be shown on your web pages. 50Webs provides free subdomain for your site, or you can transfer your own domain to it. You can use it for multiple domains and subdomains under the same hosting account.

If you are building a commercial or ecommerce web site (for example a internet shop), you need to find a professional web hosting companies as free host providers generally cannot accommodate your need. Try to check out this site which review and pick up good web hosting companies every month for your consideration.

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Tips On How To Get Free Web Hosting

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Due to the tough economic times, people are on the lookout for free web hosting services. If you are one of the people interested in the free services, here are tips on how to go about it:

Use popular free blogging platforms

Blogger and WordPress offer free blog hosting services to users and all you need to do is to write and submit articles. The good side with working with these companies is that you have minimal downtime. This is because the companies are large and have very powerful servers.

Look for sponsors

Some hosting companies offer free service to charity organizations and non-profit websites as a way of giving back to society. Others offer the free services to sites with high quality content and features that meet their requirements.

There are other companies that will host your website for free and in return advertise on your website. If you don’t have money to pay for your hosting you should look at the sponsors and you will definitely find a service provider willing to offer you the free service.

Look at the services offered by your internet service provider

In most cases the company that connects you to the internet not only gives you free email addresses, but it also gives web space.

The good side is that there are some companies that offer free web hosting. If your company offers the free service you should get the specifics of the deal. For example, you should take a look at the space limits and the URL offered.

Use popular free web hosting companies

There are hosting companies that offer free hosting services and in return advertise on your website. You should note that some of the companies give you free space, but require you to purchase your domain name.

There are others that give you free space and also give you free domain name. Before you sign up for the service you should get the details of what you are getting for free.


These are tips on how to get free web hosting services. You should note that while you don’t have to part with a dime for you to host your website, free websites often receive little or no technical support and are often not as reliable as paid websites.

In addition to this, you might end up with very low internet security in addition to spam emails as a result of signing up for a free website.

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Will Free Web Hosting Ever Become A Reality?

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There may not be such a thing as free lunch, but there may be a lot of people touting free web hosting services these days. This means that your website files will reside on a server for which there are no charges. But doesn’t that sound too suspicious? It may sound odd, but there is definitely a catch to it. But can reliable and sustainable web hosting work if it is made free? This article explores the possibility of having free web hosting services use alternate forms of revenue generation.

Physical Hardware

A major expense for web hosts is the physical hosting infrastructure. The servers, switches, networking, internet backbone and even backup services cost a significant amount of money. A big question that will come up for consideration is how to fund this sort of infrastructure if there is no direct income from sales. Another consideration which they would need to make is the establishment of SAN / NAS Storage and backup systems to secure the data of the customers. If the very bare-bones system is starved of funds, it would be quite difficult to expect the entire business to last for long.


What would be an alternate revenue model when providing free hosting? Would the other options be reliable, ethical and even legal? Currently many hosts who offer free space always introduce a catch to their offerings. They either inject ads into web pages or they simply steal their customers data. If they don’t do either, then they have various other side businesses like collecting market information or upselling allied products to their clients. The sites which genuinely offer ad supported free web hosting have so many restrictions and limitations in their terms of service, that it would be impossible for even a medium sized website to remain with them for a long enough period to be established.


A free host will definitely not have enough money to provide you with technical support in any form. The only way you may get support for free products, like all free products, is from the user community or forums online. Maintaining a support team with the right kind of skills can be quite expensive, especially when dealing with high volumes of a free service.


I would shudder to imagine what type of security and defence mechanisms the free web hosts have in place. Even big providers face huge costs for server security and firewalls, backup systems and redundancy. In a free web host, it just has to be absent. Would a free host be able to afford the expenses of proper server and infrastructure management? It is pretty doubtful. It is also unlikely that they have all their software, Operating Systems and applications running with the latest versions. Even the mail servers and web server software would remain unpatched and ancient.

To conclude, it would be prudent to say that the current way of selling free web hosting is not sustainable and is merely a marketing gimmick to penetrate the customer base of other web hosts.

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6 Great Reasons to Avoid Free Web Hosting

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When it comes to web hosting, there are a lot of options available. With so many alternatives to choose from, you might be tempted to consider one of the many free web hosting services out there. However, there are some common pitfalls related to that approach that can end up costing you and your business a lot of money down the road. Therefore, it is important to know what these red flags are so you can avoid them.

Here are 6 great reasons to avoid free web hosting:

  1. Lost Credibility. Your web site will often be the first impression your potential customers have of your business. With free hosting, you may be stuck with a very long domain name such as A domain name like this is an instant signal to your prospects that your business is still in the minor leagues. It is very difficult to build trust and credibility when your web presence appears to be fly-by-night.
  2. Banner Ads. The main reason these services are free is because you agree to allow banner ads on your site. So you invest the time, money and energy into driving traffic to your site and the free hosting service profits by directing that traffic away from you. Clearly not the best way to build a successful, long-term business.
  3. Limited Features. Free hosts usually offer a limited number of services. This lack of flexibility can seriously hinder your ability to conduct and grow your business online. For example, if you select a free service, you may have limited or no access to email, FTP accounts, content management systems or ecommerce options.
  4. Lack of Portability. When you pay to register and host your own domain, you have the option to transfer it. With free hosting services, this is usually not the case. So, if you spend a year or two building up your site and driving traffic to it before realizing how beneficial it would be to have your own domain name, your hard work may be out the window.
  5. Overcrowded Servers. This leads to slow load time for pages and increased downtime for your site. Of course, both of these issues can have a serious negative impact on the growth and profitability of your business.
  6. Poor Customer Service. Another major issue with free hosting services is that they offer little to nothing in the way of customer support. If there is a problem with your site, you will have a very hard time contacting anyone to help resolve it. Every minute your site is down carries with it a huge opportunity cost in terms of frustrated customers and lost sales.

Based on this list, you can see that “you get what you pay for” with free hosting services. Instead, consider quality web hosting an important investment into your business – one that will continue to yield positive results for your business long into the future.

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Advantages of a Cheap Web Hosting Company Over Free Web Host

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If you are a newcomer in the web hosting world and you have to choose the best hosting plan in low budget there are two options available to you. You can either choose free web hosting or a cheap web hosting. It is always recommended to go for a cheap web hosting plans instead of a free web hosting if you can afford to make a little investment. There are numerous reasons for the choice and I am sure after reading the article making this choice would be much easier for you.

Before getting to choose a hosting plan lets discuss the major difference between the two. In a free hosting website owners are provided with free space to host their website whereas in cheap web hosting the same requires some amount of money. A free hosting is a very good option if someone requires a personal website. But for a business website choosing a paid hosting even if it is a cheap hosting is a much better choice.

First reason for this choice is the reliability of the hosting company. If you have to pay for the services then you are bound to enquire about the reliability of the service provider. There are many free hosting companies that are started and closed within no time. If you have a website on a particular free company and it closes without prior notice you cannot ask for any compensation. Also there is added effort of redoing whatever work you have done till now to build your business. In a paid hosting there is limited but some kind of reliability involved.

Also all web hosting companies earn their revenue through advertisements. But in free services one does not get any control on the use of these advertisements. It depends on the host to place whatever advertisements they want on your website and you can do nothing about it, this has an adverse effect on your business growth. In a cheap hosting the placement of advertisement can be controlled to a large extent. You can decide on the kind of advertisements as well as their placement.

Free hosts have a limit on the type of files that can be used on their server as well as the amount of space that can be used. This limit can be determined in the beginning in a cheap hosting. Lastly, a cheap hosting site many times provides an option of upgrading your server which is impossible in case of free hosting.

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The Differences Between Free and Paid Web Hosting

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The idea of ​​free hosting appeals to people for obvious reasons. It's easy to say "Well … I don't need anything too sophisticated." Let's take a look at some of the differences between free hosting and paid hosting. We'll look at some points to consider before you commit to a hosting solution.

Domain Name

When you sign up for free hosting, the host name becomes part of your domain name. In paid hosting, you create a unique, personalized domain name that does not include the name of the host.

Why is this Important?

Your business may seem less credible when you use a domain name with a third party in it. Additionally, this type of domain name will result in lower search engine ranking.

Technical Support

A free hosted account will most likely address your technical questions and issues by inviting you to send an email. They will respond to it in 24 – 48 hours. Compare this to a paid account, which typically has 24/7 tech support available to you when you need it. Free accounts typically have increased downtime. This means your site is unavailable. The paid hosting scenario usually comes with a guarantee to be up 99.9% of the time. If it's down, you can find out without delay what's going on.

Why is this Important?

If your site is down, you will lose customers and revenue. If you need help, it's reassuring to get in touch with someone ASAP, rather than waiting in an email queue. It's critical for businesses trading or marketing online to provide a stable, reliable experience for their customers.

Limited Bandwidth and Storage Space

With free accounts, your bandwidth and storage space is limited. With paid accounts, you can customize these aspects of your site or blog. If your blog or business is growing, what happens when you outgrow your free account?

Why is this Important?

You may not be able to move all content to a paid account. Starting with a paid account that can grow with you is a better option. Most paid accounts come with an element of backup security support that free accounts do not make available.

Other Considerations

Business requires planning. The same is true for your online presence. Will you have a large website with many pages? Do you want to monetize your blog to earn income? These are major considerations when choosing a paid or free hosting site. Paid hosting allows more plug ins to help your site or blog work for you.

Maybe you are just getting started with giving blogging a try. Does your website have just a few pages? There are circumstances where a free site may be all you need. But … If you are expecting to grow and expand your business, free hosting may not be the ideal way to go.

If you are playing around, and want to stay small, free hosting may serve your needs. If you are trying to make a splash and build a business reputation, or an income, on the internet, pay for hosting. You'll have room to grow and fewer headaches from the start.

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